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Design Research Journal is published twice a year by SVID, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation. From 2015 new templates, structure and sections will be introduced.

The Design Research Journal will have an integrated structure without separate sections for research articles. Main sections as: research, interview, case study, student part, EU section, discussion section, international outlook will be integrated with theory toolbox, toolbox for practice, facts and figures, relevant books and conferences. The integrated structure will give additional information about the research articles and help to understand and implement knowledge.

The theme of the summer issue (no.1 2015) will be about the outlook of the future from a design perspective. Our desire is that the future should be people-powered with countless design-aware people and decision-makers. Policy makers at all levels are increasingly aware of the need for creative, multidisciplinary collaborations in order to solve the global challenges.
Design Research Journal aims to form a platform for integrated knowledge building and future development. And thus, contribute to a paradigm shift in the awareness, understanding and uptake of design in policy-making and in the public and private sectors at large.

Deadline: April 30 2015

Editor for research articles: Lisbeth Svengren Holm, Professor at University of Borås, THS

Editor for reports: Eva-Karin Anderman

Instructions for submitted research articles

Language of submission: English or Swedish.

Length of submission: 25,000 characters (including blanks and bibliography)

Style for references: Harvard (

Manuscript deadline: April 30 2015

The journal will be published in June 2015

For questions about the research part:

Upload your research article/paper here (this will take you to our English website)

As Swedish Design Research Journal (SDRJ) is an open access journal, this means that anyone who can access the Internet can freely download and read the journal.

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Editors for research articles:

Lisbeth Svengren Holm, Professor at University of Borås, THS


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