Place innovation: Treehotel in Harads, Sweden.

Social change through place innovation

Title: Social change through place innovation
Author: Malin Lindberg, Åsa Ericson, Jennie Gelter, Helena Karlberg
Affiliation: Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
DOI: 10.3384/svid.2000-964X.1519
First published: 2015-09
Year: 2015
Pages: 9-13
Number of pages: 5
Language: Swedish

SVID, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation/Linköping University Electronic Press, Linköping University, Sweden

Publication type: Journal article
Journal: Swedish Design Research Journal
ISSN: 2000-964X

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This article explores how 'place innovation' can be used as a new scientific concept and practical tool to understand and shape the social design of the future.

The article's starting point is a collaborative project between academia, industry and the community in northern Sweden.

The project is developing knowledge and methods of place innovation based on a coherent perspective on the innovative design of places.

Place innovation weaves together social, cultural, economic and technological aspects in order to increase the attractiveness of a place to existing and potential visitors, residents and investors. The term 'place' can refer to a destination, city, municipality or region – that is, some type of geographically defined area.

The interest in place innovation among the participating researchers, businesses, organisations and authorities reflects the ongoing paradigm shift in the view of the role of innovations in social development. More and more importance is being placed on developing innovative solutions to social challenges by means of inclusive innovation processes in contrast to the previously dominant focus on the expert-driven development of technological innovations.

This article describes the key conceptual components of place innovation, starting from previous research into inclusive design/innovation combined with the joint problem formulation in the project that forms the basis of this study.

The article begins with a description of the study's methodology and materials. It then describes the ongoing paradigm shift in society's view of innovation and design as drivers of economic and social development, as well as the existing research on place development and inclusive design/innovation.

The next section identifies the key components of place innovation.

Finally, conclusions are drawn about how place innovation can be used to understand and shape future social design.

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