Camp Ripan was helped to be assertive

After a training programme organised by Centek and SVID, Camp Ripan was prepared to rebuild and grow.
“We were helped to find the common thread,” says Monica Lind of Camp Ripan in Kiruna, northern Sweden.

Camp Ripan in Kiruna is one of the companies which participated in Designarena Nord and the programme “Tourist facilities’ form and function”. The camp has now successfully launched a new assertive venture to develop its facilities. 

Monica Lind and her family took over Camp Ripan in 2011. Previously it was a municipal facility. Since the family took over they have thought about how to develop the camp. 

“We were at a loss over what to do,” Monica says. “We wanted to invest but we also wanted to know that we made the right choices for the camp’s long-term development. We needed help to find the common thread.” 

The process of renovating and developing the camp began in 2006 and was mostly finished by the end of 2008. 

“We’ve absolutely found the common thread,” Monica says. “As well as changing the physical design we’ve also changed the name and graphic profile. All in all we’ve invested about 2.9 million Euro.” 

Text: Bo Jönsson Photos: Centek

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Tips: The common thread

- Look for a common thread in the project. As in the case of Camp Ripan, the process may involve “digging where you’re standing”.

- Then get professional help and produce an implementation plan as a basis for future investments.


Camp Ripan

Location: Kiruna

Business: Hotel, restaurant, conference facility and associated activities.

Launched: 2002.

Main owners: The Lind family: Monica, Ove, Dennis and Frida.

Sales: SEK 28 million as of the latest annual accounts for 2008/2009.

Number of employees: 30

Design consultant: Architect Mats Öhman for the main building, architect Lars Sundström for the Andrummet facility.

SVID, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation | Svensksundsvägen 13, 111 49 Stockholm | I +46 (0)8 406 84 40


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SVID, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation | Svensksundsvägen 13, 111 49 Stockholm | I +46 (0)8 406 84 40