Industrial design opened a new market

Fueltech used innovation and industrial design to turn the crisis in the trucking industry into success. The same basic smart, world-leading technology was given a new framework and a completely new market.

Fueltech is a leading supplier of fuel tanks for the trucking industry. The recent downturn in the automotive market demanded that management take an innovative approach.

The chosen strategy was to develop one of the existing products. Thanks to SVID’s Expandera project (read more on page 19), the company came into contact with industrial designers at Oxyma Innovation and managed to break into a totally new market. 

As well as making fuel tanks Fueltech also manufactures hydraulic tanks and urea tanks for the automotive sector. Fueltech has hydraulics customers throughout Europe. 

A clear vision 

Stefan Jurén, sales manager at Fueltech, had a very clear vision of a heat storage tank for single family homes. The product would be based on the technology used in Fueltech’s fuel tanks but would be so attractive and small and quiet that it could be placed in a living room – even though that was not its intended location. 

Existing heat storage tanks for home use were made of iron and metal plating and were so big, heavy and awkward that they resembled old-fashioned refrigerators. The problem with them was and is that they are not only ugly but also that they are difficult and awkward for professionals to install. 

Thanks to close collaboration with SCA, Fueltech was able to encase its product in an entirely new material. Ecoscience, as the new product is called, is smaller, lighter and easier to install, and with Oxyma’s help even more competitive. 

Text: Bosse Jönsson Photos: Oxyma Innovation

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Tips: Keep your business focus

-       Start in plenty of time. A well-thought-out design concept and good sketches of the finished product will make your internal sales effort easier.

-       Don’t forget your business focus. It’s easy to get caught up in ideas about everything that is technically possible. But the task is to develop a product that buyers want. Good design should increase the demand for the product and enhance the company’s brand.

Facts Fueltech AB

Location: Ronneby

Business: Moulds and machines aluminium, steel and stainless steel

Founded: 1988

Main owner: SAG Motion Group, Austria.

Sales: 3.5 billion Euro

Number of employees: Approx. 1,000

Design consultants: Oxyma Innovation

SVID, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation | Svensksundsvägen 13, 111 49 Stockholm | I +46 (0)8 406 84 40


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SVID, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation | Svensksundsvägen 13, 111 49 Stockholm | I +46 (0)8 406 84 40