Peter Jungvid och Anders Lenning, Bellman & Symfon. Foto: Nicke Johansson.

Now it's easier to hear well

Complex technology that’s easy to use. The wireless listening system Domino is a great example of how smart function and functional form can help people to a better life.

Imagine you are sitting in a meeting with several of your colleagues. The discussion is in full swing, everyone is talking at once and someone raises his voice to be heard. It’s a stressful situation for anyone. But for a person with impaired hearing it can be almost impossible to hear what’s being said in the hubbub.

It is in just such situations that the Domino listening system comes into its own. The advanced system has a transmitter and a receiver which communicate with each other wirelessly. 

“It was important for us to develop a product that’s easy to use,” says Peter Jungvid, who is president of Bellman & Symfon, the company that developed the product. “We also wanted Domino to be a modern consumer product. People with impaired hearing don’t always want to reveal that they have a disability.” 

Thanks to conscious design work Domino is a good example of when good function meets well-planned form. The product won Sweden’s Stora Designpriset (Grand Award of Design) for 2011 and the jury statement cited, among other things, Domino’s smart features and intuitive interface. 

“To achieve good performance you must use complex technology,” explains Anders Lenning, technology manager at Bellman & Symfon. “But you also have to package it in a simple interface – the product must be intuitive and easily understood.”To find the right balance between technology and design, users were an important piece of the puzzle. They were asked to give their input early on in the concept stage and their comments were very helpful for differentiating the product in the marketplace. Carl Hampf, part-owner of Shift Design & Strategy, is the project’s design supplier. He explains:

“In Domino’s case a lot revolved around making a product that is about being proud to wear it. It doesn’t announce that I am a person with impaired functionality. Instead, it’s a product that makes people want to own it.” 

“Personally I think that design is an important competitive tool and I would say it has paid off very well for us,” says Peter Jungvid. 

Text: Sara Wilk Photos: Nicke Johansson

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Facts: Domino

The Domino wireless listening system won the Stora Designpriset in 2011.

The jury said the system was developed based on users’ needs and that it helps to make everyday life easier for people with impaired hearing.

Bellman & Symfon and Shift Design & Strategy were responsible for the development and design. Domino can be purchased at shops selling hearing aids.

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SVID, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation | Svensksundsvägen 13, 111 49 Stockholm | I +46 (0)8 406 84 40