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Results of the workshop

The results and documentation from the workshop will become a part of a knowledge bank showing how the process could be used in Sweden but also how it can be adapted and implemented in similar areas around the world.

Why City Move Interdesign?

Is it possible to relocate whilst safeguarding and transferring parts of, or entire societies? How can this be done effectively? How can people be involved in the process? What has design got to do with it? This is the challenge set for City Move Interdesign.

What is an Icsid Interdesign?

An Icsid Interdesign is a two-week workshop where an international team of work collaboratively on a predetermined issue of regional and/or international significance.

Participation - in and around the workshop

Participation in City Move Interdesign will be based on a formal application process.  Because of the scope of the project, around 40 people with different design competences and other relevant professions will participate in the workshop. In addition to this, there will be a number of expert advisors and support personnel on site to facilitate the workshop.


Due to the collaborative contributions in the Interdesign process, all shared knowledge and produced design concepts become the shared intellectual property of all participating designers.

Image bank

Download images in high resolution of Gellivare, Malmberget and relocation of houses. Find the image bank under Press

Kåkstan - old town in Malmberget


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