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Why City Move Interdesign?

City Move Interdesign is the main activity in a project about how to relocate people and societies in a positive way, despite unwanted reasons. City Move Interdesign will take place in Gellivare from March 22 to April 4, 2009. City Move Interdesign is arranged by SVID in cooperation with Icsid, the Gellivare Municipality, the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten, the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications, LKAB and the European union/European Regional Development Fund. 

City Move Interdesign will be the 45th Icsid Interdesign Workshop. It is the main activity in a project about how to relocate people and societies. The project will look at the possibilities of creating new spaces for people both in a human and technological way, where homes, workplaces, tourist attractions and meeting places have to be relocated or even left behind. Over the next twelve months, a series of seminars and workshops will pave the way for the Icsid Interdesign workshop that will connect professionals from a diverse cross section of disciplines to collect experiences and develop new knowledge about how to move a society.

Location Gellivare

For generations, people all over the world have had to relocate from their homes for a number of social and environmental issues. The effects of these displacements have often hugely impacted the development of these same societies over time. Even today, groups and entire communities are still being relocated due to the alarming effects of climate change, natural disasters, water regulations and political unrest.

In the northern part of Sweden the mining industry continues to expand and, in certain areas, the ground is crumbling under entire cities. This poses enormous challenges to the survival of such cities and may force their populations to relocate. However, is it possible to relocate whilst safeguarding and transferring parts of, or entire societies? How can this be done effectively? How can we use modern design methods to meet these challenges? This is the challenge set for the Interdesign Workshop – City Move Interdesign – scheduled to take place March 22 - April 4 2009.

Amongst others, City Move Interdesign will address the following questions:
  • How can the needs of people be addressed and explored when moving from one place to another and how can the people be involved in the development of solutions?
  • How can both old and new physical conditions be used in the best way to influence the planning of a new society?
  • How can sustainable factors contribute to a new and better environment for the inhabitants than the one they are leaving?
  • Identify and develop processes and competences that renew a society in the best way to make people want to work, visit and live there.
  • Can the process or reason to create a new society become an attraction in itself and create tourism and positive goodwill for the society and companies established there?
  • How can commercial activities in the new areas be created?
  • What are some of the best ways to spread the knowledge and experience learnt from this project to other people and organisations around the world? 

Image bank

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Kåkstan - old town in Malmberget



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