Participants of the City Move Interdesign workshop

Here are all participants of the workshop in Gellivare sorted alphabetically, with age, country of citizenship and present occupation. Please note that the list may change.

updated March 15, 2009


Natalia Agudelo, 30, Colombia
Tutor Design Department - Universidad de los Andes

Lars Albinsson, 44, Sweden 
Consultant, Researcher, Co-Designer - Maestro Managment AB, Calistoga Springs Research Institute, University College of Borås, Linköping University

Olive Bailey, 24, Canada 
Student, Master's Degree Project in city planning - University of Calgary, Canada

Dia Batal, 30, Jordan, originally Palestinian 
MA in Design, Critical Practice and Theory - Goldsmiths College, University of London

Gavin Baxter, 28, Canada 
Designer/builder, Baxter design

Nii Commey Botchway, 33, Ghana/South Africa
Graphic Design Lecturer - Vega The Brand Communication School

Daniel Byström, 28, Sweden 
Designer Byström design

Mónica Carrico, 30, Portugal
Architect, designer - Moving cities, China

Ivan Cartes, 50, Chile 
Dean of Faculty, Consultant Ministry of Housing an Urbanization Chile, private practice

Sudeshna Chatterjee, 35, India
Architect, Urban Design and Community and Environmental Design Consultant - Kaimal Chatterjee & Associates

Rita Engler, 46, Brazil 
Professor and Researcher - State University of Minas Gerais - UEMG

Tony Fry, 64, Australia 
Academic/Consultant - Team D/E/S

Ximena García Gutiérrez, 32, Colombia 
Master on Design Management, Architect (honours) - Los Andes University, Cerrejón Coal and PREDECAN

Linus Godet, 26, Sweden 
Student in Master of Architecture - Ecole Polytechnique Féderale de Lausanne

Lisa Hellberg, 26, Sweden 
Student of Landscape Architecture - SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Anna Hrdlicka, 42, Sweden 
Project Manager Built Environment

Agnes Lundström, 25, Sweden 
Student, Civil engineering - Luleå university of Technology

Frank Mruk, 47, USA
Associate Dean - New York Institute of Technology's School of Architecture and Design

Mohd Shaleh Mujir, 41, Malaysia 
Lecturer - Industrial design /Coordinator, Collaboration program

Bert de Muynck, 30, Belgium
Architect, designer - Moving cities, China

Michael Nilsson, 45, Sweden 
Heart Director, conceptual designer - Manifesto

Alexandra Olofsson, 29, Sweden
Master in Experience Professional Production - Luleå university of Technology
Major in Media and Communication studies - Umeå university

Hector de la Peña, 59, Mexico
Architect, Consultant urban design sustainable architecture, green architecture - Architecture and Ecology

Linus Persson, 23, Sweden 
Student - Institute of design Umeå University

Aleksandar Petrov, 30, Macedonia

Dennis Pettersson, 52 ,Sweden 
Professor of Industrial Design - Luleå university of Technology

Lance Rake, USA
Professor of Industrial Design - University of Kansas

Filippo Salustri, 46, Canada 
Professor of Mechanical Engineering - Ryerson University

Hanna Sandström 22 Sweden 
Student - Institute of design Umeå university

Tomas Seo, 34, Sweden 
Idea generator, Concept Designer, Workshop moderator - Phorecast

Annevi Sjöberg, 27, Sweden 
Developer and Ecodesigner - Development Office Dalénum, Stockholm

Felipe Francisco de Souza, 30, Brazil 
Urban Projects Manager - SEMPLA, Municipal Planning Secretary of São Paulo

Petra Tikulin, 26, Croatia 
Master of Interior Design - Domestic Landscapes, NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan, Italy

Sara Tunheden, 28, Sweden 
Student at Institute of design Umeå University

Nils Jòrgen Tvengsberg, 68, Norway 
Industrial Designer, Founder, ICSID Advisor Mexico, Product planning Industial Design

Widianto Utomo, 35, Indonesia 

Nikola Uzunovski, 29, Macedonia 
Artist, Designer, Curator, Professor

Ann-Christin Vikström, 56, Sweden 
Physician - Malmberget health center

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