Results of the workshop

As an outcome of workshop that took place in the spring of 2009, the municipality of Gellivare has formally decided to begin the vision and planning project "New Gellivare". The project is the result of the municipality and LKAB, the local mining company, deciding to work more jointly on the future of Malmberget and Gellivare. The project itself is owned and controlled by the municipality.

An agreement with LKAB was also announced where the company is contributing funding and resources to the project. LKAB will also help fund a new ski stadium and be the main sponsor of the world cup ski games in Gellivare 2010 and 2012.

This is the result of hard work during the summer with "New Gellivare" as a result of the Interdesign workshop.

The project will have two phases. The first is a vision phase, where a clear image of the future city will be developed. Citizens, local business will be brought into this process, beginning this fall. This phase can be thought of as co-design of a programme. The second phase is the more traditional planning process of taking the consequences of the vision and programme. The vision phase is scheduled to finish during fall of 2010. The whole project will end in 2012.

The City Move Icsid Interdesign workshop made two very important contributions in making this happen. The first was to show a vast number of possibilities, which helped people realise that there are far more options than they thought earlier. The other was the strong emphasis on the need for more collaboration between the municipality, LKAB and other The publication "Om att flytta en stad - City Move Interdesign 2009".parties. The City Move ideas will of course be brought into the process.

More detailed plans are now being made for the activities in the project.

Download the publication "Om att flytta en stad - City Move Interdesign 2009" (only in Swedish, pdf, 5 MB)

Download a presentation of the workshop (only in Swedish, pdf, 1 MB)

Download a presentation of the results (only in Swedish, pdf, 3 MB)

City Move Center

The results and documentation from the workshop will become a part of a knowledge bank - City Move Center showing how the process could be used in Sweden but also be adapted and implemented in similar areas around the world. City Move Center is planned to open in 2010.

These were the expected results from City Move Interdesign:
  • Create a unit together with other activities in the region that is relevant
    to a holistic view on the future planning of societies.
  • Visualise ideas and suggestions and adapt them to physical and
    cultural needs and desires of the inhabitants.
  • Identify knowledge and experience as an important platform for new
    business possibilities.
  • Increase collaborations with universities in Sweden and abroad.
  • Present results in a written report, seminar presentations, an exhibition and more.
  • Establish City Move Center based on a network in Gellivare with connectins to Swedish and international universities, the private sectors and communities over the world.

Image bank

Download images in high resolution of Gellivare, Malmberget and relocation of houses. Find the image bank under Press

Kåkstan - old town in Malmberget


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