City Move Center

The results and documentation from the workshop will become a part of a knowledge bank - City Move Center showing how the process could be used in Sweden but also be adapted and implemented in similar areas around the world. City Move Center is planned to open in 2010.

These were the expected results from City Move Interdesign:
  • Create a unit together with other activities in the region that is relevant
    to a holistic view on the future planning of societies.
  • Visualise ideas and suggestions and adapt them to physical and
    cultural needs and desires of the inhabitants.
  • Identify knowledge and experience as an important platform for new
    business possibilities.
  • Increase collaborations with universities in Sweden and abroad.
  • Present results in a written report, seminar presentations, an exhibition and more.
  • Establish City Move Center based on a network in Gellivare with connectins to Swedish and international universities, the private sectors and communities over the world.

Image bank

Download images in high resolution of Gellivare, Malmberget and relocation of houses. Find the image bank under Press

Kåkstan - old town in Malmberget


City Move Interdesign is a collaboration between
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