August 1-31, 2008: Concept studio

In August 2008, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation engaged six students with a variety of competencies to do a preliminary study for the City Move Interdesign 2009 workshop.

The Concept studio aimed to provide a description of people’s perceptions and thoughts about the community and its transformation. To gain a deeper understanding of the desires and thoughts within the community, the working group met with various interest groups for interviews. The aim was to get a feeling for their image of and vision for Gellivare municipality and the community transformation. The interviews were done spontaneously and in unconstrained circumstances.

The result of the students research is a report, a preliminary study for a community transformation with the focus on the individual. It presents the working group’s impressions and interpretations of the thoughts, ideas and attitudes conveyed by the inhabitants of the community.

The report is based on the inventory and survey done in Gellivare municipality during a week in August 2008. Various methods were used in order to gather both qualitative and quantitative information as a basis for the report. The starting point for the work was the Open Space meeting held in Folkets hus in Gellivare on 6 August 2008. Open Space was a meeting form in which the participants themselves steer what is to be shared and discussed. 

The report will be a supporting documentation for the City Move Interdesign workshop in the spring of 2009.

Idea book for community tranformation

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Kåkstan - old town in Malmberget


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