October 1-2, 2008: Experience Exchange meeting Gellivare

View of Gellivare and Dundret mountainThe Experiece Exchange meeting takes place i Gellivare between October 1-2 with invited international guests from Icsid and design organisations from Chile, South Africa and USA.

The purpose is to present the City Move Interdesign and for SVID to get useful informations from the former organisers of Interdesign workshops. 

Some of the questions are: How should we formulate the subject for the workshop to make it interesting for the participants but also valuable for the organisers? What is most important to make the results valuable in the long run? How do we deal with unforeseen events during the workshop?

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Download images in high resolution of Gellivare, Malmberget and relocation of houses. Find the image bank under Press

Kåkstan - old town in Malmberget


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